Hello and welcome to Tane365.  This is my first post to what I hope will be a terrific blog.  I’ve always been interested in men’s fashion in SL as well as in-world photography.  So, I’ve decided that this was a good time to actually start doing something on a more-than-casual manner.


This week, I went out and visited some stores I haven’t checked out in a long time.  It was amazing to see some new items (which are new to me and probably not new to anyone else LOL).   I love this outfit, especially for the vest which doesn’t look like a valet waiter!

Hair – KMADD – Rove- Black VII

Eyes – KMADD – MADesigns EYES_MUTATION – fungus

Skin – LaVie – Echo Shaved CB Eyeliner Tan

Pants – Muism – Straight Fit Jeans/Black

Necklace – Rozoregalia – Gazeliver Necklace 2/A

Vest – Boom – Grey Vest

Shirt – Connors – Patterned Shirt Britannia

Tank – Aoharu – BT Tank Grey


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