Thank you

Well, my last post was in March 2012.  And as it turns out, it will be my last post on this blog. I am officially upgrading this blog’s status to “permanently on hiatus”.

It always bugged me to just leave the last post hanging like some abandoned web site, so I felt it was important to formerly close it.

First off, I want to say that I loved doing this blog.  I really enjoyed the putting together an outfit from different stores to create a new look, as well as discovering new stores and fashion items that I never would have thought about buying. Most of all, I enjoyed the fashion challenges such as 52 Weeks of Color.  It was a great theme, and I hope that it will happen again.

I still believe now, as I did then, that there aren’t enough men’s fashion blogs in SL  The numbers are slowly growing, and I’m seeing more high quality mens wear these days. And that’s a good thing.  Mesh clothing is getting better and better within the constraints that the viewer and mesh gives us. And I’m impressed with everyone’s creativity and talent.

For me, however, I am finding that I just don’t have the time anymore for a fashion blog.  Last March, several events happened in RL and SL that prevented me from keeping up the 52 Weeks of Color challenge.  As time went by, I was two weeks late… three weeks late… three months late.. and I just couldn’t catch up with the schedule.

I still love blogs and SL, and I am thinking of starting a new project shortly.  Once I get that organized, I’ll start blogging again on a new blog.

Until then, thank you everyone for your support and kind words as Tane365 developed.  I learned a lot about SL photography, and I am looking forward to showing you some new things.




One comment on “Thank you

  1. Oh gee! I guess everything has to have an ending some time. Take cares then; hope you do return.
    ♥ ȡąɲąƒ

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