Menswear Fashion Week 2012 – #1

Hello everyone!  This week is the Menswear Fashion Week 2012, which is a fabulous showcase of men’s fashion in SL.  Brought to you by Siren Productions, MENstuff, AVENUE, KMADD and, this is a week of new sensational clothing for the fashionalbe man about Second Life.

Tonight, I am presenting some terrific items from Just Because.  I received this blogger’s pack from Annie Melson and Terk Sak, co-owners of this store.  To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this store before, but after seeing their items, I will definitely be checking them out and spending some lindens there.  These items fit my shape perfectly without any re-sizing or adjustments (except for the belt, but that’s due to my shape).  Below, you can see five outfits which I definitely will be wearing again.

The poses are from (pda), owned by Izzy Bereznyak.  This is another store that I was intending to check out and they have great poses.  Now I have to go back.

The hair is new from Dura, released for MWFW 2012.  It is called Dura-Boy*33 and comes in 15 different colors.  It has a wild look that is very different for me, and I’m digging it.

Please enjoy the picks and I’m looking forward to seeing more of MWFW2012 this week!

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #1

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #2

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #3

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #4

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #5

Picture #1

Outfit – Just Because – Zane

Pose – (pda) – Firewater

Picture #2

Outfit – Just Because – Element

Pose – (pda) – Hand of Man

Picture #3

Outfit – Just Because – Intrepid

Pose – (pda) – Default

Picture #4

Outfit – Just Because – Red Night

Pose – (pda) – What Were the Words

Picture #5

Outfit – Just Because – Zane

Pose – (pda) – Goodbye Forever

All Pictures

Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*33 – black

Shoes – KBoots – Marketplace only