Thank you

Well, my last post was in March 2012.  And as it turns out, it will be my last post on this blog. I am officially upgrading this blog’s status to “permanently on hiatus”.

It always bugged me to just leave the last post hanging like some abandoned web site, so I felt it was important to formerly close it.

First off, I want to say that I loved doing this blog.  I really enjoyed the putting together an outfit from different stores to create a new look, as well as discovering new stores and fashion items that I never would have thought about buying. Most of all, I enjoyed the fashion challenges such as 52 Weeks of Color.  It was a great theme, and I hope that it will happen again.

I still believe now, as I did then, that there aren’t enough men’s fashion blogs in SL  The numbers are slowly growing, and I’m seeing more high quality mens wear these days. And that’s a good thing.  Mesh clothing is getting better and better within the constraints that the viewer and mesh gives us. And I’m impressed with everyone’s creativity and talent.

For me, however, I am finding that I just don’t have the time anymore for a fashion blog.  Last March, several events happened in RL and SL that prevented me from keeping up the 52 Weeks of Color challenge.  As time went by, I was two weeks late… three weeks late… three months late.. and I just couldn’t catch up with the schedule.

I still love blogs and SL, and I am thinking of starting a new project shortly.  Once I get that organized, I’ll start blogging again on a new blog.

Until then, thank you everyone for your support and kind words as Tane365 developed.  I learned a lot about SL photography, and I am looking forward to showing you some new things.



Menswear Fashion Week 2012 – #2

Hello everybody!  Menswear Fashion Week 2012 continues with a peek at another exciting store – RFyre!  This is actually one of my favorite stores for some great costumes and RP gear.  I remember shopping at RFyre four years ago and getting goosebumps from the various outfits.  It is such a wonderful surprise that I still ooh and aah over their new designs these days.

Here are four new outfits from RFyre.  I think that two are more RP-ish in delicious black.  They are wonderful without the huge capes  that have never flex’d well enough for my tastes.  The other two outfits are great looks that I certainly would wear clubbing or hanging out with friends.

Men's Fashion Week #2 - Outfit #6

Men's Fashion Week #2 - Outfit #7

Men's Fashion Week #2 - Outfit #8

Men's Fashion Week #2 - Outfit #9

Picture #6

Outfit – RFyre – Spring 2012 Mens Suit “Rahm” Black

Picture #7

Outfit – RFyre – Bastian Men’s Shirt Collection White and Bastian Men’s Black Pants

Picture #8

Outfit – RFyre – Absolom Men’s Moss Sheer Shirt and Jeans

Picture #9

Outfit – RFyre – Adom for Men Spiked Black Leather

All Pictures

Hair – Uncleweb Studio – Scott black

Boots – GOS – Avaiator Boot – Yeager – Black

Pose – Diesel Works – Vitaly 10

Menswear Fashion Week 2012 – #1

Hello everyone!  This week is the Menswear Fashion Week 2012, which is a fabulous showcase of men’s fashion in SL.  Brought to you by Siren Productions, MENstuff, AVENUE, KMADD and, this is a week of new sensational clothing for the fashionalbe man about Second Life.

Tonight, I am presenting some terrific items from Just Because.  I received this blogger’s pack from Annie Melson and Terk Sak, co-owners of this store.  To be honest, I hadn’t heard of this store before, but after seeing their items, I will definitely be checking them out and spending some lindens there.  These items fit my shape perfectly without any re-sizing or adjustments (except for the belt, but that’s due to my shape).  Below, you can see five outfits which I definitely will be wearing again.

The poses are from (pda), owned by Izzy Bereznyak.  This is another store that I was intending to check out and they have great poses.  Now I have to go back.

The hair is new from Dura, released for MWFW 2012.  It is called Dura-Boy*33 and comes in 15 different colors.  It has a wild look that is very different for me, and I’m digging it.

Please enjoy the picks and I’m looking forward to seeing more of MWFW2012 this week!

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #1

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #2

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #3

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #4

Men's Fashion Week #1 - Outfit #5

Picture #1

Outfit – Just Because – Zane

Pose – (pda) – Firewater

Picture #2

Outfit – Just Because – Element

Pose – (pda) – Hand of Man

Picture #3

Outfit – Just Because – Intrepid

Pose – (pda) – Default

Picture #4

Outfit – Just Because – Red Night

Pose – (pda) – What Were the Words

Picture #5

Outfit – Just Because – Zane

Pose – (pda) – Goodbye Forever

All Pictures

Hair – Dura – Dura-Boy*33 – black

Shoes – KBoots – Marketplace only


Hello everyone!  What a fabulous color this week, and what a wonderful time to do a darker color.  This week, we have “avacado”, which is, of course, a darker green.  My first instinct was to look for an military camouflage, but then I thought that would be too cliche.  And then Kal Rau released a new mesh leather jacket, which I absolutely love!  It’s also my first mesh clothing item too!

Tane Daxter - avacado - full body

Tane Daxter - avacado - head shot

Hair – Uncleweb Studio – Jeff black

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh – Deap Sea

Jewelry – Gabriel – Achilleus necklace short

Jacket and Shirt – Kal Rau – Leather Jacket Mesh – Green – Tee 03

Pants – Adjunct – Slim Fit Chino – Drab Green

Shoes – Lapointe – Couture Croc Ankle Boot – black

Pose – Diesel Works – Alagan4


Hello everybody!  This week’s color in Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is “dandelion”.  It is a lovely shade of gold to tempt spring.  I wasn’t sure what to do with this color, since it is another color not that common in men’s fashion.  I stopped by a few stores and then found these fantastic shorts at Bliss Homme.  I think I’ll be living in them all summer!  Coupled with one of the many comfortable t-shirts from 6T, this is the perfect outfit for the summer!

Tane Daxter - Dandelion
Hair – KMADD – MADesigns – Rove – Black VII

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh – Forest Green

Shirt – 6T – Troll

Shorts – Bliss Homme – Cale Shorts – Yellow (follow teleport to Fur section to get to Menswear)

Shoes – UBU Pornstars – Lo-Tops

Pose – !bang – Stand 146

Prop – Lisp Bazaar – Paper Planes in a Box

Lazybum – New Items

Hello everybody!  The very talented Luciano Enoch released new items at Lazybum today!  The Ringmaster jacket comes in six different colors and definitely looks great for some circus outfits!  Also released are the Cowl Collar tank in six different colors which I think this is really fun.  The new Glitter Briefs come in eight colors and look fantastic as well!

Tane Daxter - Lazybum Ringmaster Jacket - White

Tane Daxter - Lazybum Cowl Tank and Glitter Briefs

First picture

Hat – Trixxy’s Shop – Top Hat

Jacket – Lazybum – Ringmaster Jacket – White *

Pants – Entente – Classic Chinos – Homme – White

Belt – The Abyss – <A> M_Leather Belt black

Shoes – KBoots – (SL Marketplace only)

Second Picture

Tank – Lazybum – Cowl Collar Tank – White *

Briefs – Lazybum – Glitter Briefs – Silver *

Pose (both pictures) – Diesel Works – Arwan8

* promotional items

Dark Raspberry

Hello, everybody!  This week’s color challenge is Dark Raspberry.  This is one of my favorite colors, so I had some fun with it!  Sorry, no close up shot today, but instead, I’ll give you a reverse shot, so you can see the detail on the leg tattoo!

Tane Daxter - Dark Raspberry - frontal

Tane Daxter - Dark Raspberry - reverse

Hair – Uncleweb Studio – AJ meteoric

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh – Twilight Sea

Thong – Vitamen – Solid Thong & Jockstrap – Grape

Tattoo (arm) – Tiki Tattoo – Tetiaroa

Tatoo (leg) – Tiki Tattoo – Uapou

Pose – EverGlow – Male006


Hello everyone! Another week goes by and it is another color for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge.  This weeks color is “folly”, which falls between crimson and rose. For most of you, that’s a fancy way of saying hot pink!

This was a tough challenge, because hot pink is definitely not found in many men’s stores at all.  That meant a trip to Schadenfreude, which has every color under the rainbow.  Well, under an elephant actually!  You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

Tane Daxter - Folly - close-up

Tane Daxter - Folly - full body

Hair – Truth – Hank – night

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh, Deep Ice w3

Shirt – Schadenfreude – Oxford Shirt – hot pink

Tie – Schadenfreude – Necktie Set 1 (shape modified)

Belt – The Abyss – <A> M_Leather Belt black

Pants – Miamai – Oz Jeans – Red Homme

Boots – GOS – Avaiator Boot – Yeager – Black

Lamp – LISP Bazaar – Mathilde Storm Candle – Scarlet

Pose – VICE Poses – Noble Warrior

Alice Blue

Hello everyone!  The next color for the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is “alice blue”.  It is such a close shade to white that I knew this one would be a difficult color.  I started shopping early this week, and I’m glad.  After six weeks, my eyes are opening to the huge lack of color in men’s fashion. The usual palette seems to be mostly dark colors such as black, dark browns, navy blues, heavy greens, etc.

My original plan was to create an outfit that was blue and white.  This polo shirt from Redgrave is the perfect fit (plus it comes in some terrific other colors too).  However, finding a pair of white pants turned into a disaster.  You see, I have a huge aversion to white pants in SL because they just don’t look right to me.  I have yet to find a pair of white pants that don’t look like big giant pool noodles.  Luckily, these pants from Entente saved the day!

Tane  Daxter - alice blue - close up

Tane Daxter - alice blue - full body

Hair – Exile – Jackson – Wedge

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh, Steel Blue w3

Shirt – Redgrave – Classic PoloShirt – Light Blue

Jeans – Entente – Classic Jean – Relaxed – Seafoam

Shoes – GOS – GTFO Shoes in Ice

Pose – Diesel Works – Dante6 and Morgan4


Hello everybody! I was excited about this weeks color challenge “patina”.  It is the color when a copper penny rusts or the Statue of Liberty.  But I also knew it would be a challenge, since this isn’t a very common color in men’s fashion in SL.  It took me twice as long to go through my landmarks, until I came across the store Artilleri.  It is a retro-fashion store, with a 1950s theme.  When I saw this bowling shirt, I knew I had found the perfect item.  A new store called Entente opened this weekend which was chock-full of new men’s clothing and this pair of relaxed jeans completed the outfit.

I”m also trying something new by posting both a close-up shot and a full body shot, so that it will be easier to see some of the details for hair and eyes.

Tane Daxter - Patina - close-up shot

Tane Daxter - Patina - full body

Hair – KMADD – Cruz – Black VII

Eyes – Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh, Deep Sea w3

Shirt – Artilleri – Bowling Shirt – Stripe Teal/BW

Gloves – Redgrave – Biker Gloves + Straps – metallcap black

Jeans – Entente – Classic Jean – Relaxed – Seafoam

Shoes – Jeepers Creepers – Strike 2 – Purple & Sage

Pose – !bang – stand 208